Join one of the most exciting DCS Communities

Join one of the most exciting new communities in DCS and learn all about your chosen airframe. Then take to the skies in unit Operations and PVP events.

USAF Weapons School

Learn all you need to know about your chosen airframe to dominate the skies. Our Instructors can guide you through everything you need to know from your aircraft through to getting the most from DCS.

57th Operations Group

Join your fellow 57WG pilots in missions from our experienced mission builders. Take part in coordinated campaigns utilising realistic tactics and radios.

USAF Air Demonstration Squadron

For those pilots who prefer precision flying over precision munitions. Join the ranks of the Thunderbirds and perfect those acrobatics in the sky

What is 57 WG?


Train in your chosen airframe, go on complex missions with teammates and experience all that DCS has to offer. 


Join the community and hang out with like-minded players! When we’re not in the air we can be found playing a whole range of games together.


From installing the best versions of DCS to picking the right aircraft for your playstyle; our members are here to support you through your journey.

About Us

Formed in 2023, we’re a group of DCS pilots who want to help others into DCS. We aim to offer new and experienced players alike help and support with everything DCS. From the very start of your journey, deciding on which version of the DCS client you want to play on, to your first module and beyond – our helpful community can offer advice and guidance every step of the way. 

Moreover, we are developing some exciting campaigns for our members to fly together, and are offering personalised skins on our servers, so we all know exactly who buzzed the tower.

We’re looking for more pilots to join our ranks, whatever your level of experience! 

Current Airframes

Whilst we are primarily focused on the aircraft that are used by our real life counterparts, we are dedicated to providing our support to the wider DCS community. As such we are currently supporting the following Airframes (with more planned down the line)



With an incredible thrust to weight ratio and fantastic manoeuvring capabilities this light multirole fighter combines speed with firepower

F-15E S4+

Strike Eagle

Derived from the incredible F-15C, this multirole fighter can deliver a diverse amount of ordinance on enemy ground units, whilst retaining it's air superiority roots.

F-14 A/B


Maverick, Goose - Chances are you already know all about the Tomcat. Deliver devastating Phoenix missiles to the enemy, and look damn good launching from the carrier



The little plane that could. Air, Ground, Sea - this Fighter / Attacker does it all and is great in all it does.

Come and Fly with 57 Wing